We began this wonderful journey a few years ago while making crafts with our daughters, Lily and Lacy. These crafts eventually grew into making soap and lip balm for friends and family as gifts. 

Michael began growing a beard and tried a few different products to keep his beard healthy. The results were mediocre and the products were expensive. Fed up, he did some research and decided to make his own healthy beard supplements. The oils and waxes were simple and elegant in the beginning, and they slowly evolved into top notch blends that became a premium creation. The alchemy of mixing different carrier oils and scents was fun, but it was laborious, and not cheap. These original oil and scent blends were the basis of this endeavor. We recognized the need to make hygiene products for our home that were natural and used the best ingredients. After a few years and hundreds of formulations we have developed multiple product lines to offer to the community.




We settled on the name for our company by naming it after our daughters, Lily and Lacy. We recognized that one day they would lead this organization and what better name, than the two sisters who helped come up with the idea in the first place. It is also our goal to help our children enjoy the freedom of owning their own business and feeding their entreprenuerial spirit while providing ultra premium products to the community.  




Our mission is to provide ultra premium products to the public, while ensuring that those products are made with care and love, tested for effectiveness and cleanliness, and sold at prices affordable to everyone. Whenever possible we will source ingredients from distributors who certify their supplies as organic, and obtained in fair trade with certificates of authenticity. We will also formulate products that avoid the inclusion of harsh or carcinogenic chemicals and replace those ingredients with plant based natural alternatives.

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